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A better way to build safe and scalable cloud-native applications.

Reboot Resemble is a programming framework that enables transactional microservices built with the developer in mind.


Monolith? Microservice? Lambda?


Reboot Resemble lets you build software like a monolith but scale like microservices...

...making it simple and fun to code for the cloud.

Try Resemble today and see how easy it is to write safe, scalable applications.

Meet Reboot Resemble

Transactional cloud apps - distributed by default

Rely on Resemble and free your mind to focus on solving real business problems. Don't spend any more time thinking about...

Concurrency & Locking
Sharding & Replication
Duct taping event buses between services
Making sure your frontend updates when your backend state changes

It is composed of tools you already know

Resemble is defined using protobuf and is built on top of gRPC.
Python logo
Python support today.
React logo
React support today.
TypeScript logo
TypeScript coming soon.
Every other language gRPC supports shortly thereafter.

You build a Resemble app, we run it on Reboot Cloud

Start developing apps locally in your terminal using rsm dev, then run them in production using rsm cloud.

Start building apps with Resemble today, launch on Reboot Cloud tomorrow.

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There's too much friction in your tech stack

Today's frameworks don't scale.

Founders feel they need to make a trade-off between speed and scalability.

Anyone building an app today must ask: monolith or microservices? The temptation is to choose upfront speed and simplicity in exchange for poor scalability.
Resemble sidesteps this trade-off.

Successful companies need scalable apps.

Companies like Twitter and Airbnb started off as a monolith and had to pay the costs of rewriting to microservices.
This is a false choice! You should be able to code something as simply as a monolith that can scale when you need it to!

Building scalable apps is a pain.

Microservices simplified operations but complicated applications.

Using a microservices architecture made it easier for smaller teams to own, deploy, monitor, and scale their apps.
But at the cost of developers suffering from data and ownership silos that make it difficult to transactionally manage state.

Try Resemble for yourself and see how easy it is to get both simplicity and scalability.

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